Pembatasan Lokal
Sistem kami telah mendeteksi bahwa lokasi Anda berada di Uni Eropa dan oleh karena itu Anda dialihkan ke, yang melayani klien UE dan dioperasikan oleh Windsor Brokers Ltd.

Windsor Brokers celebrates its 30 years with a $30 Free Account promotion

Not every day a company turns 30, let alone a financial investment firm.
To celebrate this remarkable achievement in our Company’s history, we are giving all new traders $30 to trade. Absolutely FREE!

Asked about this latest promotion, Marketing Manager Sam Prath stated ‘2018 is a significant year in our Company’s history as it marks our 30th anniversary, a major milestone that we are very proud to have reached. We wanted to celebrate this remarkable achievement differently and we felt what better way than to give new traders FREE $30 to trade and get the chance to experience the same level of service that our existing clients enjoy and love throughout the past 30 years.”

More events and promotions are planned throughout the year as part of Windsor Brokers’ 30 year ongoing celebrations. Stay tuned!

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